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You Are Chosen | God Has a Destiny for You to Fulfill - 1 Peter 2:9
May 1, 2021

God Has a Destiny for You to Fulfill! —1 Peter 2:9


It’s hard to believe that forty-eight years have come and gone since TBN first went on the air on May 28, 1973. There are so many memories that come flooding back to me from those early days as my dad and mom, TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch,

TBN Praise and Programming: Inspiring and Life-Changing! WATCH PRAISE WEEKNIGHTS AT 8/7C. And view all your favorite past Praise shows on-demand at On Demand: Watch the Good Friday Worldwide Special Again!
May 1, 2021

On-Demand: Watch the GOOD FRIDAY Worldwide Special Again!


Pastor Max Lucado and worship leader Chris Tomlin were joined by musical artists Pat Barrett and We The Kingdom for an exclusive

Better Together | Honoring Our Mothers | Better Together Airs Weekdays @1:30 / 12:30c. Watch past shows at
May 1, 2021

Better Together Airs Weekdays @1:30 / 12:30c.


During May Better Together, TBN’s daily ministry and talk show for women, is taking a week to honor moms and talk about the importance of motherhood. Join Laurie Crouch and special co-hosts Dianna Nepstad, Jamie Ivey, Dr. Robyn Wilkerson,

TBN Christmas Specials
December 1, 2020

You Can Access TBN's Christmas Collection at Celebrate Christmas!


ANDREA BOCELLI: THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS. Matt and Laurie Crouch host this unique holiday special filmed in Tuscany, Italy. One of the

Thank You. Your End-of-Year Gift Helps Take God's Love to the Nations
December 1, 2020

Your End-of-Year Gift Helps Take God's Love to the Nations.


During this holiday season, many of us are thinking about how we can finish the year well by pouring some of God’s abundant blessings back into His Kingdom work, where it can minister His love to others.

TBN Prayer Partners Standing by with Hope ad Healing
December 1, 2020

TBN is Here to Pray with You 24/7!


From salvation and healing to wayward children, financial needs, and so much more, throughout 2020 our prayer partners agreed in prayer with over 700,000 individuals who contacted TBN via phone, e-mail, and social media.
Bethlehem Nativity
December 1, 2020

A Christmas Keepsake You’ll Treasure for Years to Come.


This holiday season we’re thrilled to bring you a Christmas treasure created right in the little town of Bethlehem. It’s the beautiful olive wood Nativity set, carved by Bethlehem craftsmen from the prunings of ancient olive trees—the 
TBN My Story Edna Gooch
December 1, 2020

Edna Gooch Recounts her Path to Redemption and Faith.

From alcohol, addiction, and prison, to God’s hope, grace, and redemption, in this moving My Story segment, Edna Gooch tells how TBN’s 24-hour presence helped see her through her deepest darkness and uncertainty.