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Christmas Traditions and Memories

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 / TBN Staff

Keeping Christmas Special.


In the above clip, Dr. DeeDee Freeman shares that she always had Christmas traditions growing up. After she got married and had kids, she created new traditions with her young family. One of these new traditions is dressing up in matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. Dr. Freeman’s extended familyfrom her in-laws to her grandchildren, children, parents, and everyone else in betweenarrive at her house to talk, eat, play games, and create memories in their matching pajamas. Right before going to bed, everyone is allowed to open at least one gift. As her kids have gotten older, they’ve started to create traditions with their families and in-laws. Dr. Freeman’s tradition of wearing matching PJs and opening gifts on Christmas Eve has been adapted to fit with ever-changing family dynamics. 


This conversation from Better Together was taped before the COVID-19 pandemic, but Dr. Freeman’s words are more applicable than ever. Christmas traditions will undoubtedly change this year as families adapt to travel restrictions, stay at home orders, and various restrictions needed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In some parts of the US, households that used to gather together (think mom and dad, kids, and grandkids) may not be unable to see each other in person. 


Digital gatherings, which were once uncommon, might be the way that many celebrate Christmas this year. Though our traditions may change, one thing about Christmas remains constant: Jesus is still the Reason for the season!


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