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Featured Video Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember
Nov 20, 2020 | 00:00:00
Matt and Laurie Crouch host Max and Denalyn Lucado; Joel Osteen and Rick and Janet Rigsby in this Thanksgiving special: A Time To Remember. GO TO PROGRAM PAGE
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Aug 25, 2020 | 27:29
Hagee Ministries are committed to change America by taking all the Gospel to all the world and to all generations.
Aug 24, 2020 | 27:29
Hagee Ministries are committed to change America by taking all the Gospel to all the world and to all generations.
Aug 23, 2020 | 27:30
If we are to survive and thrive the challenges that bombard us every day from every direction; we must learn how to develop the attitude of a victor and resist the temptation to think like a victim.
Aug 23, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Jentezen Franklin brings practical meaning to spiritual truths found in God’s Word.
Aug 23, 2020 | 1:28:13
A young woman on her way to a new life in the 1800's suddenly finds herself a widow. Now she must live with a recently widowed young man and his daughter. Can any of them find love again?
Aug 21, 2020 | 27:29
Learn how to fight back against the enemy when anxiety attacks.
Aug 17, 2020 | 52:17
The 700 Club is a news/magazine program hosted by Pat Robertson; Terry Meeuwsen and Gordon Robertson.
Aug 10, 2020 | 27:29
Receive encouragement from The God Who Sees You - Hebrew Names of God.
Aug 9, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Robert shares a message about why it’s by grace; not works; that we are sons and daughters of God.
Aug 9, 2020 | 27:29
Far too many books on marriage and the home provide lists of guidelines for a healthy family. But God knows that we will never become everything He wants us to be just by trying harder. Only He can change our marriages and our homes so they are filled with joy and with irrational love.
Aug 9, 2020 | 50:29
Join Mike Huckabee for no agenda news; positive entertainment and everyday stories that inspire.
Aug 7, 2020 | 25:29
Is revival a one-time event? We are called to carry His love and presence daily. How can we keep our light burning for the world to see? | TBN Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000
Aug 7, 2020 | 53:29
TBN’s Flagship program features in-depth interviews with leading pastors; authors; musicians; athletes; and politicians.
Aug 4, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Robert concludes the Blessed Families series by explaining the life-transforming benefits of being adopted into a new spiritual family.
Aug 2, 2020 | 27:29
The moral compass of America is broken; and this has had devastating consequences for family life today. How do we get back on track and build the right stuff into our kids and our homes? Only God can provide the practical instruction we need to build a healthy family in today’s culture.
Jul 31, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Robert shares the steps to go from broken relationships to families blessed by God.
Jul 29, 2020 | 27:29
Pastor Robert begins the Blessed Families series with a message about how the very first family brought brokenness into the world; but through Jesus every person and family can discover redemption.
Jul 29, 2020 | 27:29
Joel and Victoria Osteen's message of unconditional love and unending hope reaches everyone across the world.