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Featured Video Are You Experiencing A Storm? Part 2
Mar 31, 2021 | 00:00:00
Michael Todd brings a relevant and progressive message that changes lives. GO TO PROGRAM PAGE
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Feb 10, 2021 | 06:09
Made Of Iron
Feb 8, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Steven Furtick shares how to start finding true rest in Jesus’ presence.
Feb 7, 2021 | 50:29
Senator Josh Hawley takes on the radical Left; Olivia Newton-John and her daughter Chloe Lattanzi's new music single; rants from southern lady Susannah B Lewis; and T.G. Sheppard performs.
Feb 5, 2021 | 56:44
Fleeing religious persecution, did the Puritans discover a new “Eden” in North America? Would a European faith be accepted by Native peoples and African slaves?
Feb 3, 2021 | 55:24
TBN’s Flagship program features in-depth interviews with leading pastors, authors, musicians, athletes, and politicians.
Feb 2, 2021 | 22:59
How can we finish strong? Join Jim Scudder; Jr. and his father; Dr. James A. Scudder; as they share the best way to finish strong.
Jan 31, 2021 | 50:29
Representative Lee Zeldin responds to Biden's week one executive orders; sports star Tim Tebow introduces his children's book "Bronco and Friends"; comedian Kristin Weber; how Colin Wayne built a business by putting people over profits; and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Richie Furay performs!
Jan 29, 2021 | 27:29
It is time to start believing God again for out of the box miracles. God will shatter your normal in order to get your blessing to you.
Jan 29, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Robert explains that children are meant to be trained, adolescents taught, and adults trusted.
Jan 27, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Robert shares the steps to go from broken relationships to families blessed by God.
Jan 26, 2021 | 22:59
Can one man really win the world for Christ? Join Jim Scudder, Jr. as he interviews his father, Dr. James A. Scudder, and discovers how one man's vision has impacted the world.
Jan 25, 2021 | 27:29
Pastor Robert begins the Blessed Families series with a message about how the very first family brought brokenness into the world, but through Jesus every person and family can discover redemption.
Jan 24, 2021 | 50:29
Tulsi Gabbard discusses the future of American politics, the impeachment sequel with Rudy Giuliani, John Schneider's tribute to Smokey and the Bandit, Carlos Whittaker encourages the church to be wild, and Tim Atwood performs. Mike Huckabee;Tulsi Gabbard;Rudy Giuliani;John Schneider;Carlos Whittaker;Tim Atwood;Stephanie Webb;Elizabeth Grimm;James Grimm;Military;Politics;Division;Unity;Racism;Hypocrisy;Leadership;Confidence;Celebrity;Singer/Songwriter;Musician;Movies/Film;Personal Story;Social Media;Worship;Testimony;Author;News;Government;Humor;Transgender;Law;Money;Morals;Medical;Health;Injustice;Media;Honor;Family;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-HCKB210123;1290635
Jan 21, 2021 | 27:29
James' and Betty's daughter and granddaughter share the life lessons they have learned by fully depending on Jesus Christ.
Jan 19, 2021 | 27:29
The granddaughter of James and Betty shares how her service to the Lord has opened up opportunities for her to minister to others.
Jan 18, 2021 | 27:29
The author of "Success From The Inside Out" reveals the internal qualities that enable her to properly appreciate and handle her external success.
Jan 17, 2021 | 27:29
Ed Young creatively presents inspirational and biblical truth for every area of life.
Jan 16, 2021 | 27:29
Connect with Skip Heitzig presents God’s Word in a relaxed and relevant way with topical and verse-by-verse studies.