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Mon Sep 23rd @ 2:00 PM (PT)

Mon Sep 23rd @ 5:00 PM (PT)

Mon Sep 23rd @ 8:00 PM (PT)





Thurs. 9/19: Matt & Laurie Crouch, and Tom Newman with David & Tim Barton in Dallas, TX – America’s Hidden History


Fri. 9/20: John Hagee, Erick Stakelbeck, Ambassador David Friedman, Mariano Rivera, Matt Hagee, Ze’ev Orenstein, Major Elliot Chodoff, and music from Voices of Lee in Washington DC – Christians United for Israel Convention (CUFI) #2



Mon. 9/23: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Kathie Lee Gifford in Nashville, TN – The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi


Tues. 9/24:  Matt & Laurie Crouch host Ben Courson in Los Angeles, CA - Optimisfits


Thurs. 9/26: Matt & Laurie Crouch host Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe in Nashville, TN – Getting Healthy


Fri. 9/27: David Binion hosts Jason & Jonathan Nelson, Martha Munizzi, and Mary Alessi in Dallas, TX – The Power of Unity