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Watch Was Michael Flynn Attempting to Stop UN Resolution 2334?


Jul 3, 2020 | 27:29
America has just come through one of the worst weeks in our history. It all began with a police officer kneeling on the neck of a man who was being arrested. This escalated into demonstrations; then looting and then riots. How can we bring this tension to an end?
Jun 26, 2020 | 27:29
Was Michael Flynn attempting to stop UN Resolution 2334 from being passed when he spoke to Russia’s ambassador Sergey Kislyak on December 22; 2016. What does all this have to do with the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?
Jun 20, 2020 | 27:29
July 1st has been set as the deadline for the Israeli Knesset to vote on annexing settlements in the land of Judea. We will explain today what is going to happen according to the Bible and what the end result will be.
Jun 12, 2020 | 27:29
For years; globalists and governments have used the “Hegelian Dialectic” to manipulate and gain more control over the populace. According to Bible prophecy; the antichrist will be no different.