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Better Together

Better Together

What happens when real friends get together for real conversations?

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Apr 6, 2021 | 26:00
Jesus is always relevant! The modern Church must reflect the love of God in action and share wisdom across generations. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000
Apr 5, 2021 | 25:34
What happens when we start to see the Church as more than just a building? We are a community with a purpose! | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000
Apr 2, 2021 | 26:00
A lifestyle grounded in forgiveness; empowers us to become unoffendable and walk in God-sized grace. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000
Apr 1, 2021 | 26:00
Laurie Crouch; Lisa Harper; Lisa Bevere; Stephanie Ike; and Mo Isom Aiken on the necessity of releasing hurt in order to find healing.