Kicking off Black History Month, TBN Highlights “America's Hidden History” Friday, Feb. 2nd | TBN

Kicking off Black History Month, TBN Highlights “America's Hidden History” Friday, Feb. 2nd

LOS ANGELES (February 1, 2018) — What do James Armistead, Phillis Wheatley, Jack “Prince” Sisson, and Harry Hoosier have in common? All are important figures in American history, all are African-American — and all are virtually unknown by Americans today and largely forgotten in America's history books. But that oversight is something noted historian and author David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, is working diligently to change.


As America kicks off Black History Month, join David Barton, fellow historian Tim Barton, and Bishop Jim Lowe on Friday, February 2nd, for a special TBN installment of America's Hidden History that highlights a few of the many great black men and women of the past who made positive and lasting contributions to America.


“From the poetry of Phillis Wheatley and the Revolutionary War heroics of men like James Armistead, 'Prince' Sisson, and Peter Salem, to the leadership and courage of the Revs. Henry Highland Garnet, Absalom Jones, and Frederick Douglass, there is a treasure trove of inspiring and influential African-American men and women throughout history who have helped to define the greatness of America,” said David Barton. “Our goal in this installment of America's Hidden History is to shine a spotlight on the contributions and sacrifice of these great figures in American history.”


In one poignant segment of the program, Bishop Lowe, a pastor and African-American Christian leader, recalls that as a young boy he was an eye-witness and survivor of the 1963 bombing of Birmingham, Alabama's 16th Street Baptist Church, a hateful crime that took the lives of four innocent young girls and marked a change in the civil rights movement in America.


“There are many people today who are trying to cultivate continued racial animosity in our nation,” he said. “But if there is one thing the lives and actions of these great Black Americans of the past can teach us, it is that we are truly, 'one nation under God.' Through faith in His Son, and in His Word, we are not white, or black, or anything else. We are brothers and sisters who are called to bring hope and healing to our families, our nation, and to the world.”


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