Groundbreaking New Dramatic Series “Smoketown” Premieres July 3rd on TBN | TBN

Groundbreaking New Dramatic Series “Smoketown” Premieres July 3rd on TBN

LOS ANGELES (July 2, 2018) — A new, cutting-edge dramatic television series is premiering Tuesday, July 3rd, on global faith-and-family television network TBN. Produced in part by TBN president Matt Crouch and Leon Fontaine, CEO of Canada’s Miracle Channel, Smoketown combines intriguing story lines, non-stop action, and compelling characters who demonstrate a faith that is compassionate, uncompromising, and even miraculous.


Fontaine explained that Smoketown is designed to demonstrate how believers today can be empowered by God to live out their faith in a “Spirit Contemporary” manner — showing the love of Jesus to others in a way that is real, relevant, and life-changing, without being religious and awkward.


“Pain and heartache are issues that believers are confronted with each day,” he said, “and it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to bring His miraculous power to the people we meet. Spirit contemporary Christians are the only hope for this planet, the salt and the light that this messed-up world so desperately needs.”


In its nine-part first season, Smoketown begins with a mysterious and shocking murder, and brings together three unique characters — an assistant police chief, a newspaper reporter, and a teenage girl — who are supernaturally empowered to fight for their community’s poorest and most racially diverse neighborhood.


Crouch said that the series represents part of TBN’s ongoing strategy to broaden the appeal of faith-and-family television to younger, media-savvy viewers. “We’ve understood for quite some time that there is a new generation of media consumers who are not necessarily drawn to traditional ‘Christian television’ content like preaching, teaching, and other ‘ministry’ programming,” he explained. “That’s why our team is hard at work creating cutting-edge content like Smoketown that gives new and younger believers some realistic models of how their faith can truly impact the world they live in.”


Check out the Extended Trailer, and don’t miss the premiere episode of the groundbreaking new series Smoketown, airing Tuesday, July 3rd, at 4:30 p.m. Eastern / 3:30 p.m. Central — exclusively on TBN. Find out where TBN is airing near you with our channel finder, or watch TBN on our livestream HERE.