Dynamic Series “Strengths Based Marriage” Premieres Monday, Feb. 12th, on TBN | TBN

Dynamic Series “Strengths Based Marriage” Premieres Monday, Feb. 12th, on TBN

LOS ANGELES (February 9, 2018) — It's no secret that marriage is under attack as never before. Divorces are at record highs, and many couples who choose to stay together admit that marriage is not the joyful and satisfying relationship they dreamed it would be.


But what if there were some fundamental strategies that couples could use to turn their marriages around? What if husbands and wives were empowered to recognize the strengths and celebrate the positive differences their partner brings to the marriage relationship? That is the theme of the dynamic new series Strengths Based Marriage, hosted by noted marriage and strengths experts Jimmy Evans and Allan Kelsey, and premiering Monday, February 12th, on faith-and-family television leader TBN.


Based on Evans' and Kelsey's best-selling book of the same title, Strengths Based Marriage will help husbands and wives — as well as couples looking forward to marriage — discover the strengths and differences each partner brings to the relationship, and how those individual dynamics can enhance and vitalize a marriage.


“So many people are miserable in marriage, and most think there is something wrong with their spouse,” says Evans. “But the truth is that more often than not we marry someone different from ourselves — and that's by God's design. And if we understand those differences they can be dynamic and wonderful.”


Evans notes that the institution of marriage is one of the most important foundations to a healthy and successful society. “People everywhere want stable relationships and good marriages,” he says. “The good news is that God is the author of good marriages — and every person can have one.”


Evans and Kelsey explain that marriages begin to be strengthened when a husband and wife can say to each other: “I'm so glad we're married, and that I can see you for who God made you to be. And if we're incomplete and less than we should be, let's work to complete each other.”


Adds Evans: “The concept of strengths-based marriage is all about discovering God's design for marriage, and discovering the strengths each of us has as a husband and a wife, and how we can use those strengths to build a solid marriage relationship.”


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