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“Jesus the Game Changer” – Powerful New International Series Premiering Tuesday, September 4th

LOS ANGELES (August 31, 2018) — Without a doubt Jesus Christ and His followers have left an indelible mark across history, and continue to profoundly impact cultures and societies. Yet many people today fail to recognize that the values upon which our most treasured western traditions rest originate in the life and teachings of Jesus.


On Tuesday, September 4th, global faith-and-family network TBN premieres an all-new weekly series, Jesus the Game Changer, that explores the powerful influence that Jesus has had — and continues to have — across the earth.


Hosted by noted Australian television producer, media expert, and social commentator Karl Faase, Jesus the Game Changer accompanies viewers across the U.S., the United Kingdom, Singapore, India, and Australia, exploring how the life and teachings of Jesus have changed the world — and why that matters to us today.


Faase explained that the series was developed out of his observation that faith in present-day western cultures has gone from being seen as merely irrelevant to being considered dangerous and a threat to society. “The intriguing thing is that in such western democratic nations as the U.S., the UK, and Australia, faith — which is so foundational to all we hold dear — is now being threatened and marginalized,” he said. “We developed Jesus the Game Changer to demonstrate in a convincing manner that the values upon which western democracies were founded didn’t invent themselves. They came from the life and teachings of Jesus, and are essential to an ordered democratic society.”


Through historical and cultural vignettes, along with compelling interviews from authors, academics, communicators, and a broad range of experts, the thirteen-part series digs down to the core of the Christian faith to find out how Christ’s teachings have informed and impacted such western democratic concepts as the equality of all individuals, servant leadership, compassion for the poor and marginalized, the dignity of women and children, the importance of education, and much more.


Among the Christian leaders praising Jesus the Game Changer is best-selling British author and pastor J. John, who said the series offers “an extraordinary and timely reminder of something that is increasingly widely overlooked: the values of our modern world that are universally upheld have not arisen by accident, but are the fruit of the transforming power of the good news of Jesus.” He added that a subtle and implied warning threads its way throughout the series: “. . . suppress Christianity and don’t be surprised if its values and principles vanish.”


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