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God’s Will for You: Faith, Confidence & Victory!


In his latest book, Empty Out the Negative, popular pastor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen shows how you can let go of all the negative thoughts and feelings that weigh you down, and make room for the blessings and victory God has created you to enjoy.


God made each one of us to live in His peace, joy, confidence, and creativity. But how many times do we find ourselves living below those blessings by holding on to things that weigh us down, like guilt, resentment, doubt, and worry? When we give space to these negative emotions, they take up space that should be filled with the thoughts and emotions that will move us toward God’s destiny for us.


Life is too short to live bitter, discouraged, and weighed down. In Empty Out the Negative, you’ll learn how to let go of the inner baggage that holds you back, and face every day with a faith-filled, God-inspired attitude of joy and confidence. Join Pastor Joel in setting your heart and mind on the right course—and stepping with confidence into all the wonderful things God has in store for you.


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