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For Such a Time as This
May 1, 2020

You and TBN Offer Jesus to an Anxious World.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. In just a few short months, the novel coronavirus has turned life upside down worldwide. Quarantines have become a part of life for billions of people. Routines
Tune in to Hope with TBN
May 1, 2020

TBN Provides Encouragement During These Unprecedented Times.

Now More Than Ever, TBN is Here for You.
May 7th is National Day of Prayer
May 1, 2020

Together Let's Pray for Our Nation on Thursday, May 7th.


TBN wants to remind our viewers that the National Day of Prayer is observed annually on the first Thursday in May.
Receive Biblical Hope for Supernatural Healing - He Healed Them All
March 1, 2020

This Month, TBN Wants to Equip You with Life-Saving, Llfe-giving Truth.


He Healed Them All puts the Gospels' healing verses at your fingertips, plus unforgettable stories and Biblical teaching to build your faith! 

Do You Need to Reconnect with God's Love?
February 21, 2020

Remember Adam and Eve? 

When they ate from the forbidden tree, they were naked and afraid. When God came into the garden He said: “Adam, where are you?” Oftentimes, our Shepherd does the same with us. When we’ve fallen away, God never stops asking:
Breaking Barriers and Breaking Bread
February 21, 2020

Maya Angelou has said, “Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.”

Prejudice is an assumption that we make about someone without any truth to back it up. We can be prejudiced about race, gender, socioeconomic background, interests, religion,
How Ruth Built Her Legacy | Bianca Olthoff
February 21, 2020

In Order for Us to Love our Lives and Live Out our Callings, We’ll Need to Make Some Brave Decisions.

The brave decisions we make will not only impact our lives, but they’ll influence the lives of generations to come. 
The Passion 2020 Miracle
February 21, 2020

On This Throwback Thursday, We’d Like to Share with You a Miracle That Happened on New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve 2019, TBN partnered with Passion City Church to bring you the Passion Conference live from the