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For Such a Time as This
May 1, 2020

You and TBN Offer Jesus to an Anxious World.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. In just a few short months, the novel coronavirus has turned life upside down worldwide. Quarantines have become a part of life for billions of people. Routines
Tune in to Hope with TBN
May 1, 2020

TBN Provides Encouragement During These Unprecedented Times.

Now More Than Ever, TBN is Here for You.
May 7th is National Day of Prayer
May 1, 2020

Together Let's Pray for Our Nation on Thursday, May 7th.


TBN wants to remind our viewers that the National Day of Prayer is observed annually on the first Thursday in May.
Catch Up on The State of Faith 2020
May 1, 2020

Discover How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth.


TBN spent three years documenting the God-inspired move that has carried Christianity from its Jewish roots in the Holy Land to the far reaches of the earth.

Faith-Building Shows for Women
May 1, 2020

Life Can Be Messy. But There's Good News.

Let's be real, ladies. Not one of us has it all together. That's why we have Jesus, the support of godly friends, and Tuesday nights on TBN. Tune in and be encouraged, starting at 8:00pm ET.
How to Stream Your Church Online
May 1, 2020

TBN Reaches Out to Pastors Offering Technical Help.


In a 10-minute online tutorial titled “How to Stream Your Church Service Using Facebook Live,” TBN walks pastors through each step in the streaming process, offering helpful tips on how to move church meetings to a digital format.
Dr. David Jeremiah gives us the answers to 10 questions Christians are asking in these unprecedented times.
May 1, 2020

Dr. David Jeremiah Gives Us the Answers

As we begin to emerge from this life altering pandemic, Christians today are wrestling with God-sized questions that are more relevant than ever before.
Sheila Walsh Breaks Down Christ's Timing of Lazarus' Resurrection.
April 9, 2020

Sheila Walsh Breaks Down Jesus' Timing of Lazarus' Resurrection.

When we pray for specific requests, we expect God to answer in our time frame. When God doesn’t answer our prayers, it leaves us disappointed and lost. Sheila Walsh uses John 11 to show believers how to confront confusion when experiencing unanswered prayers.