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We Are All in This Together

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 / TBN Staff

Our Family Business Grows When We Spread the Good News of the Gospel.

We are ALL in the family business. What does this mean?
Pastor Skip Heitzig says that we are in a partnership with God and with others. Our product is the gospel, and it is our calling to spread the Good News.
In Philippians 1, Paul was joyous every time new believers came into the family of Christ. Pastor Skip says, “Paul’s joy and thankfulness were directly proportional to the growth of the family business.” Our Heavenly Father has made us heirs with Him, and through His Spirit we are being used to bring others to Christ.
Philippians 1 is a great reminder to us all. 
Paul was in chains, suffering, and trapped in confinement. However, his attitude exemplified peace and joy through times of great tribulation. Instead of feeling defeated, Paul had an eternal mindset and wanted to serve in the “family business” of spreading the gospel. Paul knew that the advancement of the gospel was far greater than any suffering he would endure. 


We can learn from Paul’s example, especially when enduring a crisis. 

As the body of Christ, we need to unite, fellowship, and follow God’s lead in spreading the Good News wherever we go!
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