TBN 2nd Chance
Friday, January 1, 2021 / TBN Staff

Reaching Inmates Across America


As the COVID pandemic rages across America, one group that has been especially impacted are the over two million men and women serving time in America’s prisons. Many correctional facilities throughout the nation have been on periodic lockdown for months, with little contact for prisoners from family and others on the outside. With such enforced confinement, and with unending hours on their hands, inmates become victims of loneliness, depression, despair, anger, and worse.


Inmate's testimonyHere at TBN we’re joining with you to care about these men and women through our nationwide TBN 2nd Chance initiative, that is reaching more than one million inmates serving time in hundreds of prisons across 41 states with round-the-clock, life-changing Christian programming. At every prison, TBN 2nd Chance pays the cost of satellite receiving equipment and installation, providing inmates with 24-hour networks like TBN, the Hillsong worship and ministry channel, and the Spanish-language Enlace Christian network.


And what’s the result? A female inmate wrote to say: “I am incarcerated in Arizona, and it was here that I was born again. I asked the Lord for His will to be done in my life, and it has been a blessing thanks to TBN. I am growing in my faith and my walk with Jesus. I wouldn’t know the Lord like I do if it wasn’t for you. Thank you.”


And a male inmate in Oregon wrote: “TBN has been a blessing in my life. I thank God in heaven for your television network. It has walked me through many trials in my life.”


“TBN 2nd Chance is a lifeline of hope and healing to inmates across America,” said director Mark Reynolds. “Lives are being changed and destinies forged because of the ministry of TBN 2nd Chance. Thanks for your partnership.”


Find out more about how TBN 2nd Chance is reaching prisons with life-changing Christian television at tbn2ndchance.org.