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Surrounded by Jesus

Surrounded by Jesus
Monday, July 29, 2019 / TBN Staff

America Needs Restoration and Healing.


When Surrounded: A Night  of Worship, Prayer, and Awakening with Michael W. Smith first aired on TBN last year, we shared with you how our TBN Family came together during our broadcast and prayed for one another, and how the Holy Spirit moved even within our broadcast to answer some of those prayers. We also shared how God used the timeliness of our broadcast to help bring healing to our country in the wake of a horrific synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. 


Unfortunately, not much—at least outwardly—has changed since then. Shootings happen way too often. Even if it was just one shooting, it would be one too many. Our country is on a gurney in the emergency room struggling to remain intact and it’s because of sin. Sin causes division and division causes people to treat each other in ways that God never intended for us to behave. 


America needs reconciliation and restoration. We need Jesus. It doesn’t matter which political party, race, socioeconomic background, or gender you are. Regardless of anything that sets us apart, we are brothers and sisters in Christ because we are all made in His image. The sooner we start believing that and the sooner we start treating one another as sons and daughters of our Risen King, the sooner our nation will heal. God never left America, but we need to acknowledge that He is here. We need to pray for a flood of salvation to sweep through our nation.


May we allow ourselves to be surrounded by Jesus.


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