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Pictured: Franklin Graham with Matt and Laurie Crouch | Grateful! Giving Thanks in Every Season
November 1, 2020

Giving Thanks in Every Season - 1 THESSALONIANS 5:18

As we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season this year, there is no doubt that for many of us, our gratefulness to God will be especially abundant as we reflect on His faithfulness through the many months of uncertainty and turmoil that have swept
Interceding for America
November 1, 2020

TBN Covers Historic Prayer Gatherings in Our Nations's Capital.


PRAYER MARCH 2020 — On Sept. 26 TBN was on hand in Washington, DC to cover Prayer March 2020, hosted by Franklin Graham, and The Return, hosted by pastor and author Jonathan Cahn. The two events marked a

November 1, 2020

Hope and Grace for Poland.


In a land once ruled by communist oppression, the light of God’s love is breaking through. On the air since 2016, Christian television network TBN Polska is covering the nation of Poland with life-changing programming

John Bevere | Don't Lose Heart God is Faithful!
August 26, 2020

God Often Delays His Promises So He Can Build Our Character.

Life fluctuates with trials, hardships, joys, and sorrows. When we are thrown into a season of unknowns, it is hard to obey God and to recognize His promises for us.
David Jeremiah | A Shelter in the Storms of Life
August 26, 2020

God is with us in this storm, and His power is unmatched.

Our recent days through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have proven challenging, to say the least. In his sermon “A Shelter in the Storms of Life,” Dr. David Jeremiah references Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4 and brings us this word
Jentezen Franklin |Acres of Diamonds
August 26, 2020

Jentezen Franklin Speaks on the Lessons of the Prodigal Son.

In our interconnected world, it’s hard to believe that there are people who have never heard the Gospel. It’s even harder to think that there are people who have heard, believed for a time, and no longer choose to believe this life-giving Good News.
Lisa Bevere | Season of Revival
August 26, 2020

Lisa Bevere Challenges Us Not to Focus on the Problems But the Answers.


In Judges 5, we see that after 80 years of peace, the Israelites turned to idol worship and this gave way to 20 years of oppression. Deborah judged and prophesied during this incredibly difficult season of oppression.
TBN Brings Hope Behind Bars
August 1, 2020

TBN is Taking the Love of Jesus to America's Prisons.

As America has faced the uncertainty and turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest over the past several months, no population has been more dramatically impacted than the more than two million men and women incarcerated in correctional facilities across our nation.