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Remembering Those Who Sacrificed

Monday, May 20, 2019 / TBN Staff

Remembering Our Military this Memorial Day.


As Americans have done over the last several generations, on the last Monday in May this year individuals, families, and friends across our nation will officially observe the national holiday known as Memorial Day. And while for millions it has become little more than a day off of work and the “first day of summer” — a day given to barbecue, baseball, and relaxation — if you chance to pass a cemetery on that Monday morning in just about any town across America, you will no doubt witness the true meaning and spirit of Memorial Day.


What you are likely to observe are individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, standing in solemn reverence as Taps are played by a lone service member on a solitary bugle, prayers of thanksgiving and petition are repeated by local clergy, a few well-chosen words are uttered by city officials — and the men and women who have given their lives in military service over the years are remembered and honored for the supreme sacrifice they paid on behalf of us, their fellow Americans.


And who are those beloved sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives? They are, in part:


  • The over 6,200 fighting men and women killed since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America.


  • The 58,220 American service members killed during the Vietnam conflict.


  • The 33,686 military personnel who lost their lives during the Korean conflict.


  • The 416,800 American soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen killed during World War II.


  • The 116,708 American service men who died during World War I.


In short, the more than 631,000 men and women who gave their lives in military service for their country over the past 102 years are a collective testimony of the truth that the liberty with which we as Americans have been so richly blessed is by no means free. It was purchased, and has been defended and preserved, with the blood and lives of countless thousands of Americans over the past nearly 250 years.


More than ever before, each of us as Americans has a sovereign duty to remember and honor the sacrifice of these courageous men and women, thank God every day for the precious liberties with which we have been blessed, and to ask Him for His continued mercy and favor over this, the “land of the free, and the home of the brave.”


Thanks for joining all of us at TBN, as we observe this Memorial Day, thanking God for the blessings of liberty and for the precious American men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.


* * *


We would also like to invite you to join us for two powerful Memorial Day weekend programs. Friday evening, we welcome our dear friend — and Vietnam War hero — Dave Roever for a special patriotic TBN Praise program, followed by Monday’s special Memorial Day edition of America’s Hidden History with host David Barton. Both programs air at 8 p.m. Eastern / 7 p.m. Central, exclusively on TBN. Find out where TBN is airing near you with our channel finder, watch TBN on our livestream HERE, or download our all-new app to view TBN on your Apple or Android devices.