Sunday, April 1, 2018 / TBN Staff

We’re deeply moved because this is Partner Appreciation Month here at TBN!


Of course, we’re grateful for you every month. But we have designated the month of April as a time of being extra diligent to express our gratefulness for your connection with us.  As we do, we want to remind you that your partnership is having a significant impact in ways you might not imagine. You are continuing what Jesus began—a global ministry with its roots in local community outreach.  


In His three-and-a-half years of ministry, Jesus spent His time ministering and reaching out to people all around Israel. He preached and taught the crowds, and He pursued the down-and-outs and ministered to the hurting. 


Jesus is our standard and our example. He knew it takes more than just preaching. A hands-on approach is needed so the people who hear the Word preached can also experience God’s loving embrace through practical means. Here at TBN, we follow that same model. As Jesus preached and taught, we reach out with inspiring messages and the Word of God. And as Jesus reached out to His local community, we do as well. We preach, and we reach! 


If you have ever watched an episode of Joy in Our Town on TBN, you will be familiar with some of the ways TBN engages with our cities. TBN is an international TV network, but we are also a family of Believers engaged in our communities. Joy in Our Town is one way we do that. By highlighting opportunities for people to minister in their cities, we support local ministries in a tangible way. As we work together with local churches, ministries, and civic leaders for the sake of the Gospel, we make a difference in our communities.


By highlighting opportunities for people to minister in their cities, we support local ministries in a tangible way.




WWTO-TV 35 Chicago recently connected with Wayside Cross, an outreach dedicated to helping men and women recently released from prison. We were blessed to be able to support their mission by donating clothing and other useful items to make an impact on those reentering society.
KDTX-TV 58 Dallas recently highlighted the Dallas Leadership Foundation, an outreach that works to create long-term change in communities by developing a critical mass of local and resourced leaders to serve in neighborhoods, prisons, and schools.
WTBY-TV 54 New York recently supported the Full Gospel Center’s “Love Reaches Out” initiative by making a significant donation to their food bank. TBN NY has come alongside them as they provide food for 58 households including 84 children, 106 adults, and 24 senior citizens on a monthly basis. 

Your impact is not only experienced here in the U.S.; it’s also causing a ripple effect overseas.


Our stations would not be able to have this kind of impact in the local community without the support of faithful people like you with a heart for the Gospel. Yet your impact is not only experienced here in the U.S.; it’s also causing a ripple effect overseas. Recently, we received some glowing partner testimonies from Life TV, our partner station reaching Russia and most of Europe.

Ivan in Tula, Russia, said, “We were among the first people in our region to get a satellite dish. During the most difficult time in our life we were receiving spiritual refreshment from Christian television through Life TV.  What distinguishes you from the other channels is a sense of special grace and independence. There is neither compulsion nor pressure whatsoever. Your programs make us sense God’s presence.” 


There is truly no shortage of amazing testimonies of lives being impacted on a global scale because of our partners. The stories go on and on. I wish I had time to tell them all. I am so inspired by them because they remind me the Gospel can be shared no matter who you are or where you are. It is an honor to know our local station partners are providing resources and exposure for individuals who are engaged in giving a helping hand to someone in need.


With your partnership, you do far more than you know.


I want to thank you again for your support of TBN. With your partnership, you do far more than you know. You help reach the unreached and disciple Believers in remote places and in the far corners of the globe. But you do more. You’re reaching local communities—ministering God’s love in tangible ways to people in need. 


With your support, many clothes and toys were donated to more than 1,200 impoverished families.
Another TBN station provided food and cleaning supplies for needy families during the holidays.

One of TBN's stations sent 78 cases of water to Flint, MI during the city's water contamination crisis last year.














There is so much going on and much more on the way! For example, this month we launch our 2018 Every Minute Matters campaign.  In the days ahead, we’ll be reminding you that 1,440 minutes a day, 365 days per year, more than 30 TBN networks reach into homes all over the world and deliver the life-changing light of Jesus. And that every one of those minutes matters because every life, every generation, and every nation matters to God.


That’s why your partnership matters so much. Every gift is significant! And your support is making a global impact while simultaneously reaching people in the local communities.  What’s even more thrilling is how God is able to multiply blessings through the power of partnership.


The people who experience God’s goodness through TBN (because of you) usually become partners themselves.  Their gratefulness to God causes them to want to help others experience the same grace. The people you impact, in turn, reach others. The effect of your seed produces a far-reaching harvest.  In essence, partners reach other partners, impacting the local community and, ultimately, the world. It becomes a perpetual cycle of blessing that builds an army of warriors for Christ. You are the reason this is possible.

Jesus is no longer here in His earthly ministry. He has left the task of preaching and reaching to all of us. And this is why your partnership means so much to us.  So, as you give, knowing souls matter to God, realize you’re effecting change globally, while simultaneously doing good in local communities.
Because of you— 
  •      *A war-torn Islamic nation can receive the light of the Gospel.  
  •      *A mother can receive food from a local foodbank that one of our stations supports.
  •      *The homeless can transition into long-term healing and rehabilitation. 


Again, thank you for your friendship. As a treasured TBN Partner, you are a champion for the Word of God. You transform lives every day.  Thank you so much, and may God bless you! 
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