TBN's Jesus the Game Changer
Monday, October 22, 2018 / TBN Staff

Discover Amazing Stories of Lives Transformed!


In this new series, Karl Faase travels around the world to interview those who Jesus had changed the game for and how they’re changing the game for others! Why does this matter? Because eternity matters. Where once, because of our sin, we were destined to live life after death apart from God, Jesus has since made a way for us!  


The series starts off in front of the Roman Baths in Southwest England. Karl shares with us that the Roman Baths were built in A.D. 70, during the time of the early Christians. The ancient Romans had an expansive empire. When comparing the mighty Roman Empire to the early Christians, most people would have predicted that the Empire would last and Christianity would not. It was akin to comparing plankton to a whale. The Empire was just that massive and influential.


But Jesus used the founding people of our faith to do incredible things! He flipped our world upside down and altered humanity’s endgame so that we can have fellowship with Him.


Throughout this series, you’ll bear witness to amazing stories from around the world of how Jesus changed the game for people. Journey with Karl as people of influence share about their struggles and their “once was” lives that He transformed for His glory. They will also deliver valuable truth that will encourage and inspire you in your walk.


Jesus changed the game for the world and He’s changing the game for you, too.

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