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Christ is Our Message

Christ is Our Message
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

“CHRIST is Our Message!” So Proclaims Paul in His Letter to the Church at Colossae.


We stand in agreement and proclaim to you, our faithful partners, the very same life-changing message. Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth (Colossians 1:28, TPT).
So much has changed in the last 46 years, but our mission remains the same—to reach as many as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matt and Laurie Crouch


T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, Robert Morris. These ministry partners, and so many others, stand with us in agreement. Day in and day out, declaring the goodness and righteousness of God.


"...our ministry partners are among the world's most respected pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian leaders" Matt and Laurie Crouch
This month, we are celebrating the ministry partners you know and love. You built the foundation—the largest Christian broadcasting network in the world—and our ministry partners bring their powerful, Spirit-led teaching of the Word to our global networks. 


In fact, our ministry partners are among the world’s most respected pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian leaders. Each with different gifts and different styles, while holding to a common core belief: Christ is our message!

John GrayChristine Caine

Greg Laurie 

Left to Right: JOHN GRAY, Pastor, Relentless Church, So. Carolina. John Gray World, daily. CHRISTINE CAINE Author, founder, A21 and Propel. Equip and Empower, Christine Caine, weekly. GREG LAURIE Pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship, California. GregLaurie.TV, weekly.




Charles Stanley


Joseph PrinceThe heart of the Gospel is firmly anchored on the foundation of grace. It is through the pure, unadulterated grace of our Savior that we are saved into the Kingdom of God. You may recall hearing many times that the message of hope and grace is central to the mission of TBN.

Left: CHARLES STANLEY Pastor, First Baptist Atlanta, Georgia. In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, weekly. Right: JOSEPH PRINCE Pastor, New Creation Church, Singapore, and Grace Revolution Church, TX.  Joseph Prince, daily.


From Charles Stanley’s teaching on “the riches of God’s grace” to Joseph Prince’s God-given mandate to preach about “God’s grace without attempting to balance or mix it with the law,” our ministry partners are all about grace. Testimonies pour in, telling of hearts and minds liberated, bodies and souls healed, and lives transformed through the miracle of God’s grace. Linda, a TBN viewer in Florida, wrote to tell us that “Joseph Prince helped me find the God that I was looking for.”

David JeremiahJames RobisonCreflo DollarRobert Jeffress

Left to Right: DAVID JEREMIAH Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, California. Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah, daily. JAMES ROBISON Evangelist, speaker, author, founder, LIFE Outreach International. Life Today with James Robison, weekdays. CREFLO DOLLAR Pastor, World Changers Church International, GA.  Your World with Creflo, Sundays and weekdays. DR. ROBERT JEFFRESS Pastor, First Baptist Dallas, TX. Robert Jeffress: Pathway to Victory, Sundays and weekdays.

Joel OsteenT.D. Jakes


The ministry of Joel Osteen is intentional about reaching out, recognizing that “Half the people who watch us don’t go to church.” Millions experience his message every week because you make it possible. Further, he proclaims that “God made you a masterpiece—be blessed, secure, disciplined, and equipped.” — Joel Osteen
Left: JOEL OSTEEN Pastor, Lakewood Church, TX. Joel Osteen, daily. Right: T.D. JAKES Pastor, The Potter's House, TX. The Potter's Touch with T.D. Jakes, Sundays and weekdays.
Similarly, Charles Stanley’s messages extend far beyond First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is led by the Spirit to understand that “We may come from different backgrounds, different nations, and different languages, but we are united as the body of Christ.”


Bishop T.D. Jakes has been called “America’s Best Preacher” by Time magazine. He explains the focus of his ministry, “God has invested too much in you for you to be comfortable in anything less than you were created to be.” 

Joyce Meyer


Joyce Meyer is likely the most widely viewed of all women in ministry. Through her personal experiences of triumph over tragedy, she reaches countless souls around the world. Betty in Georgia, another TBN viewer, wrote to tell us about the impact of Joyce Meyer’s ministry, telling us, “On one of my worst days, I heard Joyce Meyer say on TBN, ‘God will give you beauty for your ashes,’” and how that inspired her to embrace the grace offered through Jesus Christ. — Betty, TBN Partner in Georgia
Left: JOYCE MEYER Speaker, author, founder Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life, Sundays and weekdays. Right: SAM RODRIGUEZ Pastor, New Season Christian Worship Center, CA. New Season with Samuel Rodriguez, weekly.


Pastor Samuel Rodriguez attracts a broad and diverse audience. Not only is he a known leader of the Latino Evangelical movement, he has been recognized by Time magazine, Charisma, and others as one of the most influential people in the world. He was even invited to deliver the keynote address at the Martin Luther King, Jr. 40th Anniversary Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church.
Pastor Steven Furtick ministers to yet another audience. He often takes on difficult topics to present a God who is “not scared of messy situations or messy people.” Hope, grace, and the Gospel are presented in the form of “practical messages that inspire you to action.”
Perry StoneJentezen FranklinDr. Tony EvansJohn HageePrayer Requests Recorded at TBN Prayer Center were 1,017,032 for 2017 and 909,954 for 2018.

Left to Right: PERRY STONE Founder, Voice of Evangelism. Manna-Fest with Perry Stone, weekly. JENTEZEN FRANKLIN Pastor, Free Chapel, Georgia and California. Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin, Sundays and weekdays. DR. TONY EVANS Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Texas. Dr. Tony Evans, weekly. JOHN HAGEE Pastor, Cornerstone Church, TX. John Hagee, Sundays and weekdays.




Steven FurtickPastor Robert Morris leads Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, and his global audience, to develop an intimate relationship with God. His perennial best seller, The Blessed Life, is used by many churches to reveal the gifts available to Christians through generosity.
Left: ROBERT MORRIS Pastor, Gateway Church, TX. Pastor Robert Morris Ministries, Sundays and weekdays. Right: STEVEN FURTICK Pastor, Elevation Church, NC. Elevation with Steven Furtick, Sundays and weekdays.
Pastor Morris has recently written a new book, Beyond Blessed, that teaches the essential lessons of stewardship for every aspect of life. God is acknowledged as being the true owner of everything—our families, our finances, even our time. Pastor Morris shares, Being ‘blessed’ means having supernatural power working for you.”  We are so excited about this new book that we are offering it to you, our faithful partners, as our “thank you” this month with your gift of support.
Praise Reports Recorded at TBN Prayer Center, 8,821 for 2017, and 11,804 for 2018.Salvations/Rededications Recorded at TBN Prayer Center were 11,389 for 2017, and 13,097 for 2018.
You are a “media missionary,” spreading these teachings far and near. There are too many amazing ministry partners on TBN to mention here. Please know there is at least one for everyone, regardless of faith background, age, ethnicity, or relationship with the Savior.
We are reminded of the power unleashed after Pentecost, when the Believers with Peter and John boldly prayed … “Empower us, as your servants, to speak the word of God freely and courageously” (Acts 4:29, TPT).
You empower our ministry partners to “speak the Word of God freely and courageously”!  
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