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Changed Hearts Changed Lives

Changed Hearts, Changed Lives
Wednesday, July 1, 2020 / TBN Staff

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“I have been a Christian all my life, but my faith has grown stronger in 25 years through
Bible study and listening to the inspiring programs that TBN offers. Thank you for your ministry
and your outreach around the world.” — Sally
“Over the years TBN has always been there for me. Thank you for the many times I have called and someone
took the time to pray for me or to be in agreement with my prayers for healing, jobs, finances,
family, and business.” — Danielle
“I am serving time in California, and just wanted to let you know how much TBN has helped me grow
closer to God through Christ. Whenever I find myself struggling with something, the
Holy Spirit will speak to me through TBN and bring me peace.” — Kevin
“I love TBN, and especially the program Better Together. I love the ladies talking about everyday life.
There is nothing like having a good girlfriend to talk to when things get hard in life.
Keep up the great work!” — Bethena
IF THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS OF ANGER, CHAOS, AND TURMOIL THAT HAVE SWEPT ACROSS AMERICA HAVE SHOWN ONE THING, IT IS THIS: The world, with all of its sin and brokenness, is in deep need of the love, peace, and forgiveness that Jesus came to give each of us. That’s why, more than ever before, this is the hour for every follower of Jesus Christ to be intentional about extending His love into our neighborhoods, communities, and beyond.
As we watch news and events unfold around us, and as we interact with family, friends, and others in our daily lives and through social media, it’s easy to get sucked into the emotions, attitudes, and narratives that a world without Christ embraces. Instead, however, we need to recall the words of Jesus, who tells us that although we are in this world, we are definitely not of it (John 17:14–16). We are citizens of God’s Kingdom, and we have the joy of representing Him to those around us—of taking the love, hope, and healing of Jesus to those who don’t know Him.
That is the God-breathed vision of Matt, Laurie, and our entire team at TBN—to take the love of Jesus to those in need and to equip and help you to do the same. In fact, it is our privilege to lift you up in prayer each day, asking God to strengthen you in your walk with Jesus and to cause His love and grace to shine through you wherever you go.
As always, friend, never forget that Jesus loves you, and we do too!  You can always reach TBN for prayer at 714-731-1000.
Let's Spread the Love of Jesus!
Pastor D. Robinson
TBN Network Director of Pastoral Care