TBN A Bold Vision
Monday, October 1, 2018 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

TBN Continues Changing Lives and Equipping the Saints.


God is so very faithful. For 2,000 years, He has equipped the body of Christ to fulfill the mission to make disciples, as The Message Bible puts it, training everyone, far and near. Paul and Jan Crouch, my parents, were given a very special calling for their part in fulfilling this mission. In the early 1970s, they were obedient and began to pursue the impossible—to build a television network that would bring the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every corner of the Earth. 


The content was compelling, and the message of Jesus Christ spread through the airwaves, changing lives and equipping the saints.


TBN went “on the air” in 1973 with a single low power TV station. They were limited to just a few hours a day, and programming was homemade and snowy. But God was at work. The content was compelling, and the message of Jesus Christ spread through the airwaves, changing lives and equipping the saints.


It’s awe-inspiring to see the dozens of television stations, transmitters, satellite transponders, and vast online presence that friends and partners like you have made possible. TBN is now available around the world to hundreds of millions of people. The foundation is in place.



Now we are building on that foundation. Content delivery has changed dramatically since that first venture. Transmitters and antennas gave way to cable and satellite transponders and dishes. On demand streaming services are growing exponentially, giving viewers the ability to watch what we want, when we want, where we want, on whatever device we want. The most dramatic change, however, is with content.


When there were just a few networks on the air, content was limited to what happened to be playing at the time you were flipping through the few channels available. As TBN grew, Christ-centered programming became one of those choices.



The mission of TBN will never change: We will continue to partner with our audience, and we will continue to use compelling content and every available distribution means necessary to spread the message of the hope and grace of Jesus Christ to every nation.


Since the launch of the first single TBN channel, we’ve grown to over 30 distinct networks. These include JUCE TV and SMILE TV for the younger audience. They also include TBN Nejat, Kanal Hayat, TBN Asia, TBN Philippines, and many others.


The Audimus project has been translating Joel Osteen into Polish, Spanish, and other languages ...


We are continually increasing the availability of TBN programming in the native language of the countries we serve. The Audimus project has been translating Joel Osteen broadcasts into Polish, Spanish, and other languages, and we hope to expand to other Bible teachers in the near future. And, we are building production studios like the ones we have in London, Madrid, and Jerusalem.



Most of our children and grandchildren have never had  to get up from the couch to change the channel. In fact, many in the latest generation don’t even use a television.  They are watching what we consider to be “television shows,” but they are watching on computers, tablets, and smartphones. We’ve focused on positioning faith content the best way possible for today’s TV generation and beyond. That’s why as overall program ratings continue to decrease, TBN’s ratings are increasing. Inspiring and encouraging teaching from Christine Caine and John Gray are now a regular part of the TBN lineup.


How We Met featuring Robert and Taylor Madu The Gospel Worship Experience with Javen and Tye Tribbett.










TBN Love Speaks




Love Speaks is new this fall, as Carl Wesley Anderson helps you learn to recognize God’s multi-faceted voice and experience the depths of His love.


The Gospel Worship Experience, hosted by singer/actor JAVEN and Grammy Award-winning singer/producer Tye Tribbett, brings top recording artists together for a high-energy worship encounter with the Holy Spirit and the studio audience.  


The tradition of compelling content and bold new programming continues in 2019. Joel Osteen’s program, based on his best-selling book, Your Best Life Now, encourages you to see yourself through the eyes of the Creator and fulfill your destiny. How We  Met is a fun, brand-new interview series on relationships in front of a live audience. Kirk Cameron shares in depth conversations with notable guests, while engaged in go-karts, paintball, and more, in his upcoming show.  (Pictured: Joel Osteen and Kirk Cameron.) 



Because of TBN partners, the TBN distribution network reaches every inhabitable continent. We have the ability to spread the Gospel over the airwaves, through space, across closed borders, and through the internet. And the upgrade continues to high definition in many places. As we produce an expanding variety of quality content that reaches a more diverse audience, we are also expanding the means of distribution. And we are working on a few new programs that will be purpose-built to air on both TBN and secular networks. Can you imagine the possibilities for expanding the Good News?



We are all in this together. People just like you helped Mom and Dad lay the foundation; we are now taking this platform to new levels every year. And it truly is a “we” effort. We love getting to share this journey with you. Together, we are working diligently to make disciples, far and near.

We will explore expanding our platform to include more languages and reach into more secular networks ...


Going forward, we will continue to develop and produce programming that is relevant, inspiring, and diverse. We will explore expanding our platform to include more languages a and reach into more secular networks, maybe even a movie theater near you.


We are also committed to providing resources that inform, inspire, and equip you to fulfill your calling. We pray these resources will encourage you each day as you seek to grow in your faith.


Laurie and I are so very encouraged by your friendship. Thank you! We know there are no limits to what God can do as we follow Him in faith and obedience. As we walk through the doors He opens, no audience is out of reach!