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Be Present with God and Others

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 / TBN Staff

Disconnect from the World and Give Attention to Your Loved Ones.

Life is filled with choices, and the choices we make are what dictates our outcome. This especially rings true when it comes to family dynamics. 
How can we serve and love those around us? 
Pastor Kerry Shook says we can choose to “tune in” or “tune out.” We can easily take family for granted because we live with them. However, Pastor Kerry emphasizes the importance of spending intentional time with our children, spouses, siblings etc. by “tuning in” to them and “tuning out” other distractions, such as cell phones and computers. The simple choices we make can have a huge impact in our lives and the lives of our family.   
We need to practice disconnecting from the world, to be present with God and others!
God’s intentional love for us is expressed in John 1:14:  “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” God didn’t ask us to come into His world, instead He died on the cross so that we can dwell with Him. The God of the universe came into our world and our mess so we could understand His love for us.  Jesus is our example of how God wants us to treat our family with intentionality, instead of taking them for granted. 
Time is a gift and how we use it is up to us!
If you want to be intentional about the relationships around you, ask questions. Jesus demonstrated this by asking people questions and showing interest in their lives. In the same way, we need to choose to connect to those around us.
Since we are made in God’s image, how we treat other image bearers of God matters!
God transforms challenging relationships into opportunities for us to experience His love, grace, and mercy. Don’t let the distractions and noise of the world hinder your relationship with loved ones!