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Antenna Miracle

Antenna Miracle
Saturday, August 1, 2020 / TBN Staff

Miracle in Mobile, AL.


When an EF-1 tornado struck Mobile, Alabama in April, God had a miracle in the making for TBN’s full-power station, WMPV, channel 21, which serves nearly half a million people.
Before the twister, the station had not one, but two 40-foot antennas attached to the huge 1,200-foot tower that is shared by several broadcast networks in the area.
That’s not the norm, explained Larry Haley, TBN’s Vice President of Engineering. The backup antenna was needed while TBN’s engineers performed some much-needed maintenance and technical upgrades.
But the engineers were in for a surprise when they went to remove the original antenna more than a week after the storm—it wasn’t there. The tornado had blown it off the tower!
“The guys said, ‘Wait, I thought we had to take the antenna down!’” recalled Haley. “It was such a miracle. The backup antenna was broadcasting during that time. We didn’t go off the air. We didn’t have to replace an antenna, and no one was hurt. Praise the Lord!”